Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Purpose of the Soul Journey

Welcome to the Soul Journey!  The format of this blog is not an attempt to crack, heckle, troll, or any such thing of negative energy against any faith.  Not to support my own or debunk that of another.  Actually, what I hope to do here is to cover things with a rather broad paintbrush across all faith lines.  The ones that I happen to encounter or study on a day to day basis.  The Freemasons have a saying "All roads lead to God."  I do not seek to represent the Masons; nor do I seek to add or take away from their intended meaning.  However; I do enjoy that quote.  I believe in it fully.  I believe in it within the context of what it means within the context of my own usage.  I do believe "all roads lead to God" so long as they be paths of love.  That is truly what our spiritual journey is about.  To reach a higher state of consciousness or being within ourselves that turns us into a better person.  One that loves a littler harder, speaks a little more softly, cares a little deeper, lives a little wiser, meditate more deliberately, and pray with greater precision and intent.  All things and more done in such a way that we not only improve ourselves in our day to day lives; but those of the lives around us.  Not by cramming our religion down the throat of another with word; but to manifest our faith through every action and word spoken.  To simply be, and to be a better human being.  One with more self-respect, rather than self-righteousness, and to respect others as well.  To walk with a type of what I call "humble-pride" in this life.  A servant of mankind, truth, knowledge, wisdom, love, and not only personal development; but always willing to help the development of another when called upon for aide in some way.

With that said; light and love, my fellow human beings, you are all my brothers and sisters of this life; no matter what background you may have.  Regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or creed; we are all truly on this journey together; no matter if we ever notice it or not.  I hope to bring awareness to some issues and raise awareness in just how connected we are all.  And have some good laughs with your all along the way. 

I am an ordained clergyman.  I will be offering my opinion on a variety of spiritual subjects that will range from day to day living, the beyond, the paranormal, and even delve into self-help.  I will be open to all those who wish to contact me and field questions.  If you have a topic you would like for me to post about; I will be willing to do so.  I will offer you my opinions from my spiritual perspective and studies as best I can.  I do not represent myself as an authority on any subject manner nor do I represent myself as a counselor; as I am not one.  This is from a layman with a great deal of life experiences, a lot of love, and a great deal of studying over the years.  If I don't have the answer, I will find it or try to point you toward someone or some resource that I believe can.

Be well, and may the brightest blessings of love and light shine in every corner of your life; especially in moments they are most needed. 

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